Enjoy Spending Time in the Bible

Waiting and Seeking

Many of us know the Bible is filled with a wealth of knowledge but also know from personal experience our passion to read and understand it is not always where it could be. If this is where you currently are, don’t give up! Try out these 7 tips and watch your enjoyment for the Bible go to a whole new level…


1. Be intentional in setting aside time each day for God.

It’s typically helpful to start these times with worship, re-focusing all attention on Jesus or by simply letting Him know what is on your heart.

2. Ask the Lord during this time to open you to His word then take some time to wait and listen.

All you have to do during this time is remain open and willing before Him.

3. Write down what comes – try not to critique as you go.

As you wait, seemingly related and unrelated thoughts, feelings, impressions, and etc. may come up. Try to write them all down or at least, quickly dismiss what you know is not coming from a good place. The goal is to remain in the flow of the moment.

4. Read through what you wrote and underline what you believe came from God.

This skill will sharpen through relationship with Him and knowing His word.

5. Ask for understanding and pay attention to the questions that emerge as you read through what was underlined.

God wants us to seek Him, so will speak to us in ways that make us more inquisitive about Him and the things that pertain to Him.

6. Make room for Him to say more and be ready for Him to use the Bible to lead you to the truth.

Do not be discouraged if it takes days or weeks before you are satisfied with an answer or surprised if it comes in a few minutes. He will gently instruct you, give you new nuggets and provide you with other answers along the way to keep you interested and motivated… He is that good!

7. Discuss what you learn with a few people you can trust and know have a strong passion for God, His word, and truth. 

You may be surprised by how much you and the others are encouraged by these conversations as well as how much they inspire all of you to spend more time with God in the Bible…

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